About Me

Me & Harry

I began painting miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons almost 30 years ago. I continued painting Games Workshop models until eventually ending up moving into historical wargaming. As my painting progressed, I became more and more interested in improving my work, but I always stuck mainly to 28mm gaming scale models. I didn’t know much about the figure painting world aside from drooling over the odd photo in magazines at local scale model shops.

A few years ago I met Alex McCutcheon through my wargaming club and was fully introduced me to the world of figure painting. Fast forward to 2014 – we started Bent Bristle Miniatures as an online shop and went to the MMSI show in Chicago. At this point, things took off for me. By meeting people like Fernando Ruiz, Mike Blank, and others, I began to pour myself into making the jump from wargaming models to display figures. I still paint the smaller scales for games from time-to-time, but I have realized my real passion is painting more than playing.

Although I feel I was skilled at painting wargaming models, I am excited to be learning more about painting again. After a few successes at shows like MMSI and Euromilitaire, I am loving the process of pushing my techniques and learning new skills so I can make my work even better!

– Anthony Watts, October 2015

Award Highlights

Euromilitaire 2015: Bronze
MMSI 2015: Bronze – Historical Painters
Sword & Brush 2015: Silver – Painters
Figurines Québec 2016: Bronze
Sword & Brush 2016: Gold – Painters, Toronto Award, Silver – American Subject
MMSI 2016: Gold – Historical Painters, Gold – Fantasy Painters